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Our Major Rehabilitation Projects at a Glance

Our projects are basically based on the development of a person in following three areas:-

  1. Educational

  2. Personal

  3. Spiritual and Mental

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Educational Development

  1. Information Technology & Computer center for deaf:- training in computer, typing ( Hindi and English) and office management (how to fax, scan, use a photocopier etc.)

  2. Naya Savera (Early Intervention center):- to provide speech therapy, audiological testing, awareness, guidance to parents of deaf, pre-school services etc.

  3. Adult Education:- To increase health knowledge, leadership training among adult deaf women.

  4. Indian Sign Language:- Course for normal hearing persons to promote Indian Sign Lang. Among professional like Doctors, Lawyers, etc. our aim is to cover the gap of communication between deaf and hearing person.

A nominal fee is charged for technical courses only


Personal Development


  1. Production Craft institute:- to provide vocational training under following trades - Book binding, Cutting & Tailoring, Leather Craft, Batik Painting, Embroidery, Dress Designing.

    The courses are free of any charges and are for deaf women who haven't done their schooling.

  2. Pranay Milan Sammelan:- It is a platform for deaf youth seeking matrimonial assistance. They can come to us and register themselves.

  3. Beauty Culture Course:- We started a new regular course in Beauty Culture. The aim behind starting this course is to provide a good carrier start for deaf girls. The course makes them self dependent and they can immediately start their own Beauty Parlor or can work in other parlors. It also helps them to learn the Self-Grooming skills.

Special Features of this Course


  • The course provided is Free.

  • The instructors are well experience and well trained.

  • Each students get individual attention

  • Ample chance to do the practical.


Spiritual & Mental Development

It undertakes following activities and projects.


  1. Drama, Yoga & Theater workshop (for spiritual and mental growth)

  2. Silent Beauty Pageant (Beauty Pageant for deaf girls)

  3. Talent & sports competitions (to discover hidden talent)

  4. Deaf Child Talent Contest (for deaf children)

  5. National Cultural Festival of Deaf Women (to develop cultural & dramatics among deaf women nation wide)

  6. National sports championship for deaf women (to develop sporting spirit)

  7. Guidance and Counseling( for students and their parents)

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