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Programs and Competitions

  • Sports & Talent Contests

  • Silent Beauty Pageant for Deaf

  • Pranay Milan Sammelan

  • Conference & Workshops

  • Cultural Programs

  • Theater Workshop

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Sports & Talent Contests

Through out the year we organize various Talent Contests for young Deaf Children

  1. Deaf Child Talent Competition

  2. Deaf Girls Day

  3. National Sports Championship of Deaf Women

Deaf Child Talent Competition (DCTC): Young school-going or non school-going deaf children take part in the Competition. There are various contests like G.K Quiz, Mental Math, Puzzles, Drawing, and Extempore etc. The participants are grouped according to the age. It helps in finding the hidden talent in the child. Moreover, parents get encouraged to see their ward taking part in such contests. Other than the winners all the participants are also given participation awards to give them confidence in themselves.

Deaf Girls Day: This is to persuade deaf girls to come forward and take part in a variety of events to show their skills and talents. We help them to learn that they are no less than anyone. This day is celebrated on the Foundation Day of our office. All our members, as well as girls from all the deaf schools in Delhi take part in the contest. The events include? Best Rangoli designer, Best Hair stylist, Best Mehandi designer, Drawing and Painting, Mime and Fancy dress, sports etc...

National Sports Championship of Deaf Women (From 31st Oct to 4th Nov 2003) : This was for the first time that Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women, in collaboration with All India Sports Council of the Deaf (AISCD), organized this grand event. Though we have been organizing small sports competitions from time to time but this was a big step towards the sports activities organized at National Level. The objectives were:

            1.  To encourage mass participation in sports.
            2.  To help in spotting our talented sports women and groom them for their International participation

12 states took part in the event- Andra Pradesh, Assam, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madha Paradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal.

Silent Beauty Pageant for Deaf


What if the beauty is silent and can't hear? Doesn't she have a right to be crowned as a Beauty Queen?

In 1987-88, Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women came forward with the concept of Ms. Silent Beauty Queen Contest. This was for the first time deaf girls got a platform to show their talent and get appreciation for their confidence and beauty. For the first time large number of deaf girls came forward and participated in the event. It was a big success. It not only provided platform to deaf girls it also helped them to get good job opportunity.

The perception behind starting Beauty Pageant was very well thought and beneficial for all talented young deaf girls and also to boost up their parents to come out of the moral feeling of having a deaf child. It was planned as a fund-raiser for the organizations rehabilitation projects, which are run totally on the donations and charity amounts. This helps the organization to meet the Educational, Vocational and Technical training expenses as all our courses are free of charges.

Beauty Pageant & Its Benefits

Let see how beauty Pageant helped DEAF GIRLS

              1.  Young talented deaf girls got the opportunity to show their talent and feel at par with other normal
                    hearing girls.
              2.  Their parents got encouraged to help their young deaf daughters to come out and explore the world.
              3.  They got good opportunities in Pvt. Jobs as well as Govt. Jobs
              4.  The winners got chance to model for magazines.
              5.  They got recognition in the society.
              6.  The media coverage bought them to the front pages of all newspapers from the closed doors
                   of their houses.
              7.  An immense growth in their inner - self and confidence.

Register for Silent Beauty Pageant for Deaf

Pranay Milan Sammelan

Marriages are made in heaven…we just arrange them…

Laid on the foundation stone of Abraham Lincon's famous slogan "Of women by women and for women", the Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women, in brief DFDW, was established in January 1973.The newly founded organization caters to the welfare and well being of deaf women in the NCT of Delhi. At outset it was a mere club with strength of 25 members. Gradually the organization was converted into a well-established NGO whose strength shot up to 200 members. It acted as a Catalyst in the formation of state units in India.

One of our Social programs is "Pranay Milan Sammelan". Concise About Pranay Milan Sammelan and DFDW………

Silence has its own language and this you can see at Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women where a group of deaf women have shown eminence growth in all aspects that too being silent through out these auspicious 36 years. To meet the ever-increasing demands of the very aware – very intelligent deaf women, the DFDW introduced various Rehabilitation Projects in field of Education, Vocational Training, Crafts Workshop, Sports, Culture and Social programs. One of the Social programs, which are also the first of its kind, is by the name "Pranay Milan Sammelan”.  The need for such a platform was felt to help the hearing impaired boys and girls, along with their parents,( who actually are instrumental in finalizing the alliance, ) to meet potential candidates. The principal objective of this sammelan is "come, see, and suit you". Based on this principal, the Pranay Milan Sammelan came into existence in 1992. The sammelan is open to all irrespective of caste and creed, poor and rich. The sammelan provides equal and good opportunities to all. This sammelan helps them to avoid waste of time and embarrassment of meeting new people.

In short Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women acts as a "Connecting Link" with those who seek matrimonial assistance. However at no stage does the Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women enforce parties on choosing a particular match.  An alliance has to be mutually agreeable and suitable to both.

Through out the year we maintain the record of the applicants and annually we organize a Sammelan i.e a get-together ceremony to bring all the applicants under one roof and give them an opportunity to meet each other along with their parents or guardians.

However, at the sammelan, the DFDW encourages parents and the prospective boys and girls to interact freely with each other - the parents through speech and the Boys and girls through the Sign Language to help them know each other. After introduction both parties meet each other for further discussion. They exchange addresses and phone numbers as well as make appointments for next meeting. We feel proud to be of immense help to them in this concern.

The DFDW circulates booklets containing bio-data of boys and girls, their testimonials, salary certificates and other documents, and maintains strict confidentiality. The wedding cards are also kept for records. However, to offset some of the expenses incurred by the DFDW on this event, it does accept donations. Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women blesses newly married couples with gifts at the next sammelan, to help the couples start a new life. This event has seen successful culmination into matrimony of many couples where the children born are hearing and very healthy and normal. The matrimonial service extends to neighboring states. It gives immense pride to know that other local organizations are emulating our Pranay Milan Sammelan Program.

We wish that every family attending this sammelan finds a suitable match for their ward and pray to god to bless them with a happy life ahead.

Register for Pranay Milan Sammelan

Conference & Workshops

At DFDW we conduct Workshops & Conferences to upgrade the knowledge of our students. The aim of these workshops is to help them to face their Problems, difficulties, to know about their rights and facilities available, to upgrade their personality etc. Students take interest and participate in such workshops.

Participation Certificates are also provided. Many students are benefited by the information they gather at these workshops.

Photo Gallery of Workshop

Cultural Programs

DFDW not only works for betterment of hearing impaired but also believes in exchange of deferent Indian cultures and traditions.

We organize National Cultural Festival to encourage deaf all over India to come forward and show their talent and also promote the culture of their home land. This helps in understanding the various cultural differences in India which are so different and unique but still have UNITY.

We feel so proud to Promote Indian Culture among Deaf Populace of India.

Photo Gallery of Cultural Programs

Theater Workshop

Though in the past we had organized few theatre and drama features, this is the very first time that we have come forward with the idea of making acting and theatre as a Career for young deaf talents. To our surprise, these deaf artists participating now experience this kind of theatre for the first time; give an excellent performance and interest, revealing their inner talent in acting.

Last year in October from 29th to 16th Nov.07 we organized a unique theater Workshop for talented deaf youngsters. This was for the first time Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women collaborated with National School of Drama (NSD) to conduct this 19 days workshop in which Sh. Afsar Husain well known theater director directed our students in a musical play. SATRANGI DUNIYA (Sound of Silence) whose final performance was on Saturday 17th Nov. 07 at Auditorium, Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Chanakyapuri New Delhi.

Knowing the shortage in employment opportunities, this is our new approach to help deaf youngsters to make a new career in Acting & Theater. We request you to kindly be a part of our splendid endeavor. Your support is needed to implement this innovative approach.

Benefits of Theater workshop:

               1.  To help deaf talents to enter and explore the world of Theater and Drama.
               2.  To give them an opportunity to have an insight of their skills
               3.  To help them to make Theater as their career.
               4.  To make them feel at par with all other normal hearing talents and artist.
               5.  Give them a platform to express their emotions and mind.

Hope this step towards new opportunities for deaf talents is just not a waste. You can help.
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